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Student at UT Austin. I like to write sometimes.

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There's No Time

Why I lost my shit when my friend told me he cleans his toaster.


alt lit

I just finished Taipei by Tao Lin and really liked it. It gets a lot of shit for having “no real plot”, which is tru...

The Joy of Personal Websites

A few months ago, I stumbled upon a fascinating website. It’s called the darnedest thing. I have only the slightest...

Nicolas Jaar Concert Review

Nicolas Jaar at Emo's


The first of many aquatic misadventures.

Absurd Experiences

*hits blunt*, dude...


Review of Madam Mams

oh god


The Window Opener 2000

My first arduino project.

Review of Unknown Death 2002

I still don't know.

A Visit to the Hugging Saint

I'm not feeling it.


Permadeath in Video Games

How permadeath makes me feel in Diablo 3 and Don't Starve.

Boost Your Hipster Cred With These Underrated Hip Hop Albums

Some hipster-hop albums you can listen to while sipping espresso and reading pitchfork through your oversized glasses.