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Karthik Bala

Student at UT Austin. I like to write sometimes.

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There's No Time

Why I lost my shit when my friend told me he cleans his toaster.

alt lit

I just finished Taipei by Tao Lin and really liked it. It gets a lot of shit for having “no real plot”, which is true, the book is a meandering narrative of Tao Lin’s drug-addled life, but the plot is the least relevant aspect of the bo...

The Joy of Personal Websites

A few months ago, I stumbled upon a fascinating website. It’s called the darnedest thing. I have only the slightest picture of who the owner of the site is, limited to what is contained in the colophon page. The owner’s name is Steven...

Nicolas Jaar Concert Review

Nicolas Jaar at Emo's


The first of many aquatic misadventures.