2022-09-17 • life books

Go and school your pride and thaw your icy benevolence, and nurse somewhere in your soul a spark of pure and heroic enthusiasm...
2022-08-14 • economics governance

The importance of learning rather than operating.
2022-08-10 • life

self expression as essential hygiene.
2022-08-01 • spirituality

I enjoy reading the prayers and diaries of others, I thought I would share some of my own recent ones.
2022-05-14 • economics governance

Exploring How Asia Works and good industrial policy.
2022-03-29 • life spirituality

can you rationally plan your usefulness?
2021-12-05 • fiction

I feel like I need to get this out before I can move on to more serious topics
2021-09-01 • life spirituality

When I first started getting spiritual, I watched all these Youtube monk videos telling me 'be the silent witness', 'you are not the doer', 'thou art that', etc etc etc. Intellectually, I got it, but nothing really changed.
2021-06-07 • writing education

In this five paragraph essay, I will argue that the english common core turns kids into "asserters" rather than thinkers, homogonizes writing into bland content marketing, and destroys the inherent joy in reading, especially of the classics.
2021-05-29 • fiction life

The World's Greatest Festival
2021-01-27 • health spirituality

Ayurveda, magical mantras, and how I approach belief and skepticism.
2020-12-27 • economics guides long

I've tried to narrate an enjoyable overview of the current US-China trade situation in the form of a story, intended for the casuals who don't want to comb through dry academic papers and textbooks.
2020-09-25 • life

tips tricks and perspectives for the hermit life
2020-05-13 • life fiction

2020-05-08 • life spirituality

Melting into discomfort, uniting with whatever life gives you.
2020-04-19 • philosophy health

The limits of scientific proof, defense of energy medicine, internalizing belief as a spectrum.
2020-04-18 • poetry

an entertainer's dream
2019-11-07 • writing

about the relation between language and feeling, about 90% of writing being revising sounding dreary, and about kerouac vs hemingway
2019-11-04 • reviews books

There are an infinite number of signals in the world. We create our reality by paying attention to a subset of these. By picking what signals you pay attention to, by picking your "reality tunnel", you can create the world you want.
2019-10-17 • life

The gaze of those you know fixes you in the role you play for them and my friends generally don't expect me to crawl around the floor meowing.
2019-10-05 • life

Never asking for help subtly reinforced a sense of separateness from society, narrowing the scope of my love, involvement, and responsibility.
2019-08-31 • health philosophy

Why I trust traditional medicine.
2019-06-01 • life spirituality

Baby steps into spirituality.
2019-04-25 • favorite life

Dealing with loneliness in college.
2018-09-03 • life adventure

Shitting myself over some spiders.
2018-08-31 •

Here are all the posts I've wrote while blogging for UT, loosely categorized.
2017-03-16 • life

Why I lost my shit when my friend told me he cleans his toaster.
2016-12-22 • reviews books

This shit is terrible.
2016-12-19 • programming

whats good
2016-08-17 • adventure

The first of many aquatic misadventures.
2016-07-03 • life philosophy

*hints blunt* i feel like there's just, like, no point to anything, you know
2015-12-27 • reviews

absolutely disgusting
2014-08-15 • programming

My first arduino project.